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January 31, 2014

Review by Yvonne de la Vega of LA Poetry Examiner

An oddity of relevance between the symphony and the spoken word is the deliverance of each. However practiced or improvised, the creation of an artist's individual rendition is one that is created by a moment in time and also creates those moments in time when shared with others and become powerful memories for those gathered for such events as a memorial for a loved one. Poetry is the master of defining those moments. Symphony and music is the same as poetry.


I knew you before the moon was lit
the learned men
were beardless and bodiless
and apples grew on the wingtips
of flying trees
I was your friend in light
The light that went faster than
any measurement
And souls were the source
of every merriment
I knew you before the ruin that hit
when there weren't any dens of fear,
inhabitants who babbled lies
And only songs were real

From "Thawed Stars - Alice Pero Poems (Sunlink Publications)

Just recently, at the Memorial Service for Los Angeles' beloved poet Wanda Coleman, Alice Pero the flutist angelica, played a favorite song of Wanda's entitled "Syrinx" by Debussy. Alice Pero is also one of Los Angeles' fine poets but this time, her voice became the tender pulling of the flute upon the audial canvas that is the air between every body that was present and obedient to the flight and movement of the syrinx, a bird sketched by the brilliantly haunting notations created by Debussy in the hypnotic moments of delivery in Alice Pero's sway upon the piece with her astonishingly beautiful woodwind voice. Its volume is of a lush timbre and tone, one that is rich and as opulent as a perfectly full moon in July.

Alice is clearly a blessed conduit of energetic forces that are truest when delivered by poetry and symphonic music. Her poetry is witty and often humorous and she muses in the dual and multiple meanings of singular things.


After the break of dawn
I stepped in the pieces
all day


I have been waiting for my poems to lie flat on the page,
even descriptions of a placid leaf on a summer day,
contemplation of the rungs of an antique chair,
wooden, calm, round, evenly notched.
Leaves not flying over rungs in a careless phantasmagoria;
carvings, neat, not turning into mysterious runes,
nothing swaying wildly.
I am sure the moment will come
when the piercing notes of another world will no longer
and I rest in quiet.
I am studying the long even boards on the porch floor
and I ignore the frantic rhythm of bees
rapid heartbeat of hummingbirds.
Will this bring me the satisfaction of growing old?
To have the dedication of the somber swept front steps
without raging interference
Wind of my invention.

Los Angeles poet/flutist Alice Pero is an artist thru and thru. Her every word is an intended splash that is thrown into its random placement upon her canvas/page of poetry, and it is perfectly set in a composition of other splashes that appear splattered quite perfectly one after the other until every last splash is acknowledged as essential to the piece. Alice Pero's poetry does not skip a beat. There is only space where space should be and words where they should also be.


Take the carburetor
bend it into six parts
Take the gas pipe
Turn it into a long tree stem
Take the spark plugs
Take the brake line
Drip it out
Take all the metal, the rubber, the chrome,
Put it backwards and upside down
Take in exhaust fumes, turn them all into ink
Wrap the windows in tin foil
turn the wheels into fire
Accelerate backwards
Wrap the car up in a giant pink bow
Show me a good time in the backseat
Make my thin skin ripple
The whole thing falling apart under magic moonlight
Dip the fenders in hot fat, bubbling with fries
Take me home in a wild wind storm
Smiling at all the other cars

"Thawed Stars - Alice Pero Poems" (Sunlink Publications) is a delightful book of a great many Alice Pero poems that have been organized into 6 chapters that are uniquely Alice and are entitled as follows:

The book is an inspirational one in the voice of Alice who remains positive even if sad. Her message leaves us sure that life really is good after all, even when it's got that unrealized twist that Alice Pero sees, discoveries she is happy to share with all who are lucky to read her. "Thawed Stars - Alice Pero Poems" is available at her bookstore online as well as on

Want to catch poet/flutist Alice Pero live and in person? Check out these links.

Alice Pero hosts the long running poetry series Moonday in Santa Monica that has been a reputable venue for 12 years.

Joy of Love Chamber Music with Poetry

ALICE PERO WAS LIVE IN CONCERT in the concert event,

"Joy of Love Chamber Music with Poetry" at McGroarty Arts Center,7570 McGroarty Terrace, Tujunga, California.with Alice Pero poet/flautist and Svetlana Oganesian, violin, Saida Moore, piano, Paul Switzler, piano and the poetry of Alice Pero with a possible mystery guest.

February 11, 2014