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Alice Pero

I am a poet, flutist and teacher of poetry to children. My mission is to awaken the creative spirit in all people. I am happy when you read and enjoy my poems and listen to my flute playing. I have co-created many poetry dialogues with other poets and find this exchange to be one of the most exciting games of all times. I invite you to read my poems and come to my concerts. I am hoping you will be inspired. And invite a poet into your child’s classroom. I am dedicated to awakening the creative spirit in one and all.


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by Alice Pero and Vera Campion

Hardcover | 76 pages | $24.99

Available Now

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If you missed the Windsong March concert, it is now available for instant viewing here: Enjoy!

"Beyond Birds & Answers" Book Trailer Video

Moonday will continue on Zoom on June 13, 2021 at 2 pm with
features Mariano Zaro and David Chorlton
Join us! Details on how to join the reading can be found at Moonday Poetry.

Check out my newly posted vintage dance and poetry readings linked above!

My poem, "Trading" is now available as a book.
Please write me if you would like a copy.

Last updated:   April 27, 2021